Cobalt DVP-4000

Cobalt DVP-4000

A DarbeeVision Cobalt takes your gaming experience to new heights.

Setup is a breeze -- no calibration required!  Just plug and play using one HDMI cable in and one HDMI cable out

The processing is super fast, performed intra-frame so that there is no time delay, eliminating the lip-sync issues that are inherent with many video processors. Naturally, this makes DARBEE great for watching videos and movies, but it also means that the it can be used to enhance video games, where lag simply isn't acceptable!

Features three viewing modes so you can select the effect that pleases you most.

Once you've seen what DARBEE can do, you won't want to watch anything without it!


Cobalt DVP 4000



  • HiDef, Gaming, Full Pop viewing modes
  • HDMI 1.3 compliant, works with 3D
  • Standard color, 24-bit 4:2:2
  • One HDMI input, one HDMI output
  • Buttons: Darbee, Up, Down, Menu
  • LEDs: Video, Power (dimmable)
  • On screen menu to access controls
  • Infrared remote control included
  • 5V power supply included
  • 2.5" x 4" x .75", 3 oz.


  • "Tweener" video processor -- installs between any HDMI source and display
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Easy to set up – no installation or calibration required
  • Easy to use – simple controls
  • Small and transportable
  • HDMI 1.3 compliant for the highest fidelity


Darblet Sample Buildings

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What Is the Difference Between the Darblet and the Cobalt?

Darblet DVP-5000

Cobalt DVP-4000

  3D Processed

  3D pass through without DVP enhancement

  HDMI 1.4

  HDMI 1.3

  4:4:4 Deep Color

  4:2:2 Standard Color

  1% Setting Increments

  5% Setting Increments

  Home Theater Level

  General Consumer and Gamer Level


The effect is impressive.  In Medal of Honor: Warfighter the [Cobalt] works a minor miracle in some scenes…the [Cobalt] manages to accentuate details on the rock’s surface to the point of it looking like higher-resolution textures are in play...

David Bierton,


Like its older brother the Darblet, the Cobalt performs really sophisticated image processing, not just providing overall sharpening but also separating out foreground images from background ones to try to apply enhancements where they are needed most. The result is a clear sharp picture that's remarkably free from artifacts.

Stuart Sweet, The Solid Signal Blog


Easy to fine tune.  Simple to use.  Superb picture improvement.

TripleWreck, Fragged Nation


We detected no perceivable delay between a button press and the resultant action on-screen.

David Bierton,


[T]his can actually benefit players who play online.  With Trine 2 on PS3, the [Cobalt] is not only able to visibly sharpen up the picture but also bring the intricacies of the game’s artwork further to the surface – foliage and textures are simply cleaner and clearer than they were before.  At high settings (around 70 per cent and higher) characters and other objects appear clearer from a distance.

David Bierton,


That, of course, is a lot better gaming experience, and I’ve got to tell you… the images just absolutely pop out.

Greg Gibson, Gaming Illustrated


Cobalt DVP-4000

DARBEE Visual Presence™


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